Price Changes

Item Name Old Price New Price
Class WinterGod 7WwP8HX.png FREE 7ffwyMv.png FREE 7ffwyMv.png jNyrWBu.png
Class Death of Nulgath 7WwP8HX.png 3,500 7ffwyMv.png 7,500 7ffwyMv.png jNyrWBu.png
Armor Voltaire 7WwP8HX.png 15,000 7ffwyMv.png 25,000 7ffwyMv.png jNyrWBu.png
Helm Voltaire Helm 7WwP8HX.png 10,000 7ffwyMv.png 20,000 7ffwyMv.png jNyrWBu.png
Dagger Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath 7WwP8HX.png 200 7ffwyMv.png 100 7ffwyMv.png jNyrWBu.png
Sword Infernal Caladbolg 7WwP8HX.png 1,000,000 ZAQ6HxX.png 750,000 ZAQ6HxX.png PODBpXb.png
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