Welcome to the Insider Hub!

We would like to say thanks to our previous Wiki Team which consisted of 4-5 people and these people worked really hard to get this Wiki running up. However now that we have separated, we are on the Hunt for new Helpers! We demand excellence and perfection at all costs.

Like the game, our Wiki still stands on it's raw path - meaning that we are also on our ' Beta ' stages. We would like people who succeed in the following to help us develop our Wiki and the contribution you make will be appreciated by all of us! We are setting some rules up in order to maintain the ' best ' team as we do NOT want just about ANYONE helping us.

- Fluent in English (Why? Because the very last time we had communication problems with our members and it became extremely difficult for us to team up with them and work. Due to this our time was wasted)

- Level 50 (A new requirement in order to prevent people joining the guild for the sake of it's name. We need a little proof that you are interested and will work hard)

- WIKIDOT (Wiki Codes) - We don't want to end up teaching you ABCD.

- Rest of the rules such as spamming, not pornographic content and no harassing of the Wiki Players? Yes, last time we had a situation where our team members were fighting over something irrelevant.

These are the rules for joining the ' BETA ' team. Since you will be helping us develop our Site.

We will inform you on ' How to Apply '

An additional requirement would be to set up a page and link it with your application. (Set up a Wiki page on WIKIDOT as a site, we need proof that you know the Wikidot codes well enough. Please note that fake sites will be identified.)

Thanks, RenZaki!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License