XAWiki Team!

Due to the ongoing Beta this form has been deactivated. You CANNOT join the Wiki at this stage. Thanks


We are glad to know that you want to help us improve our Wiki!
Firstly, we will inform you if we need people or not. We will be fair and we won't judge you by your account character.

Secondly, we will want some information about you so that we gain some knowledge about your personality and who you are. The information will be:

*Real Name:
*XA Username: (This is not to judge you)
Resume or CV:
*Personal Biography:

Key: * Is mandatory to fill.

Please note that none of this information will be shared or exposed, it will be kept private and confidential.

We will call for more people and you can apply to join, only a few can be chosen so make sure your application is outstanding. You are doing this in order to help players find items easily and not to show off your status. If you are found talking to players with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about your Wiki status, we will remove you from our Wiki Team.

We are limiting the number of people joining due to people using the Wiki to upload scam material, inappropriate content or even deleting pages. Please note that such behavior will not be entertained by any of our staff members and this will result in an instant Ban on all your accounts! Yep that means your XA account too.

Please Note The Following

  • This is not the place to ask to become a Moderator, Admin or an Ambassador. Applications containing such information will be rejected.
  • Applications in languages apart from English will be rejected.
  • Applications with false information will be rejected.


  • Avoid saying that you were/are a staff member in other games.
  • You are reminded of the importance of clear English and careful presentation in your application.
  • Try to answer every question.
  • Read each question carefully before you start to answer it
  • Read your work through before submitting it

Apply by filling out the following form!

Best Of Luck!

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