Battle Awe N

Quest Location: Newbie's Quests
Quests Begun From: Newbie

Quest Description: Hello there, brave hero. Are you awesome? Are you a highly trained monkey or ninja? If you answered a big YES to any of those question, then you're up for one heck of challenging mission! I need you to go recover a stolen Turkey Bone for my special soup recipe. I could be wrong but I believe that you can obtain it from any boss in Lore but the toughest ones seem to have a much higher drop rate. I must warn you now that you might need a couple of your best friends to help you. In return, I will lend you the Blade Of Awe which is currently the most hardest weapon to earn in the game. Upon completion of quest, you will also receive the BLoD note. I won't tell you what it says so get farming if you're curious to know more about it!

Items Required:

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